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"We created a community working under the name of We Help Others"

Marcin Czerniawski, Senior IT safety specialist

Nordea carries out various charitable actions. Currently, three such initiatives are under way. We created a community working under the name of We Help Others. Its main aim is to provide help to small children. Over five years we carried out many initiatives, among others, providing parcels to children from childcare homes and hospices.
Our initiatives take place four times a year. Once a year we also redecorate a home for children. The action is called One Nordea Day. We select a family and measure our means against their needs. Then we appoint a weekend during which we redecorate a selected home. Another action is the hand-over of medical equipment to the poor and disabled. This is very high-end medical equipment. We are happy that we can help those who are in need.

We help

"Nordea encourages everyone to start sailing”

Marek Budzisz, Senior network specialist

I used to be a competitive sportsman and this passion has stayed with me since my younger years. The Nordea Sail Race in Puck was organised in 2015 for the fifth time. The idea is to invite not only those who know how to sail but also those who have never had any contact with water sports in their lives. Nordea encourages everyone to start sailing.
Some people in Nordea are very good sailors but the majority sails only recreationally. What is important is that some of us have become so committed that they managed to obtain sailing licences. Today, they sail on their own, while five years ago they feared how they would make it out in the Bay of Gdańsk.

25 boats participating in the regatta
25 boats participating in the regatta

"You can get on your bike in the morning and ride to work”

Karolina Górska, Organisation specialist

The sports card is the most attractive benefit offered to me by my employer. I am a Physical Education University graduate so sport is a completely natural thing to me. The card is a great addition not only for me, but also for my husband, because we both use it.
I live in Gdynia Orłowo, not far away from my workplace, so I am able to commute on my bike. It is great that I can get on my bike in the morning, go to the local marketplace and buy some strawberries and then go to work. It is lots of fun to me. We have also registered our company for the "Bike to Work” competition, organised by the Roads and Green Areas Administration in Gdynia.

Second place in the competition - „Sztafeta firm” on AWFiS Gdańsk

"Nordea creates employer-employee relationships which enable one to make it through good and bad days”

Monika Płocke, Head of Core Banking Solutions / Retail IT

I have worked in managerial positions for 20 years now. It is of importance to me to be able to cooperate with people who I like and respect. I think that we should place trust in one another. My observations show clearly that such a model of cooperation works and creates employer-employee relationships which enable one to make it through good and bad days. Our employees do not leave our company because its culture is suitable for them.
I was fascinated by airplanes from early childhood and I have flown planes for 15 years now. I have a private pilot’s licence. Flying is a get-away for me as it creates totally different priorities - different things start to matter such as the planning of a flight, safety, the joy of flying, and as a result I am able to distance myself from earthly problems.



Employees of Nordea IT often commit themselves in social initiatives, including charitable activities. Willingness to help others gave rise to the action We Help Others, which involves fundraising and the collection of gifts, amongst others, for children from the Childcare Home in Sopot, children hospitalised in the Oncology Department of the Gdańsk Medical University and children from St. Laurence Hospice in Gdynia. However, not all our activities focus on children. We also support adults by organising necessary medical equipment for those in need, helping fundraising in aid of the sick and disabled, and redecorating poor people’s flats as part of the One Nordea Day action.


Purchase of medical equipment

Preparation and donation of medical equipment to those in need.

Charity action „School”

Donation of school supplies to 31 children from 15 families in need.


Charity action in Africa

Donation of computers and school supplies to a school in Diema.